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October 31, 2024


October 31, 2024


What is the IKC?

Kenpo International, the most prestigious organization in American Kenpo Karate, is the embodiment of its founder and visionary, Senior Grand Master Ed Parker. With a relentless passion for spreading the art of Kenpo worldwide, Senior Grand Master Ed Parker established The Long Beach International (IKC) in 1964.
International Kenpo now stands as a testament to the vision and dedication of its founder. This platform promotes and disseminates the art across the globe. International Kenpo is the realization of his dream to unite Kenpo practitioners and inspire them to reach their full potential. Through his vision, the art of Kenpo has transcended borders and continues to flourish, making a lasting impact on the world of martial arts.

SP. Erick Alfaro

President of the Mexican National Federation of Kenpo and Related Sports A.C. and Director of Alfa Kenpo International

IKC 2024 - México


The IKC returns to Mexican lands under the general coordination of SP Erick Alfaro, who is globally recognized for the quality organization of his events and receives unwavering support from the entire brotherhood of Kenpo International. Additionally, he is backed by the Kenpo Karate Association of Aguascalientes A.C in coordination with the Mexican National Kenpo Federation and Related Sports A.C (FENAMEKEN), and Alfa Kenpo International, an institution of high international prestige in American Kenpo Karate. They excel in organizing major international events, placing the name of Mexico and the state of Aguascalientes at the forefront internationally. All these achievements have been possible thanks to the support and participation of individuals like you and the authorities of the State Government, led by Governor Dr. Ma. Teresa Jiménez Esquivel, and represented by the Director of Sports for the State of Aguascalientes, LEF Arturo Fernández Estrada. Also, the support from Engineer Leonardo Montañez, President of Aguascalientes, as well as the backing of the members of the State Congress and the private sector who trust in us for the realization of this grand event. Therefore, it is our pleasure to welcome you to participate in the
IKC Mexico 2024 Championship.

IKC - 2024 MX

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Tickets & Packages

These are the Pre-Registration costs per person


Package A

$250 USD

Includes access to:


Package B

$189 USD

Includes access to:


Adult Seminars

$170 USD

Includes access to:


Children's Seminars

$70 USD

Includes access to:


Package C

$169 USD

Includes access to:

Adults & Children


$89 USD

Includes access to:

Adults & Children

Team Competition

$60 USD

Includes access to:

Adults & Children

Memorial Dinner

Adult $69 USD

Children $35 USD

Includes access to:

Children up to 12 years old


$49 USD

Includes access to:

Adults & Children

Two Divisions

$49 USD

Includes access to:

Adults & Children

Kick boxing

$39 USD

Includes access to:


Event Location:

Aguascalientes Olympic Gymnasium


Recommended Hotels

These Hotels grant a special price for participants and companions at IKC 2024, Booking on our platform

Hotel Marriott


Taxes & Fees Included

Hotel Las Trojes


Taxes & Fees Included

Hotel Francia


Taxes & Fees Included

Hotel Elizabeth


Taxes & Fees Included

Hotel Encore


Impuestos y cargos incluidos

Tourist information

Claveras Parade

November 2, 2024

Join us for a unique and colorful celebration at our skull parade! Immerse yourself in tradition, creativity and the festive spirit as we parade through the streets full of life and joy. Discover the magic of this ancestral festival and be part of an unforgettable experience. We are waiting for you to celebrate together!



Share your unforgettable moments with us. Use the hashtag #IKC2024 to showcase your dedication, skills, and the passion you carry. May the spirit of IKC 2024 guide us all towards victory! 🏆👊


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Frequently asked questions


Senior Professor Erick Alfaro Soto

Alfa Kenpo International



Any protest based on the regulations will be analyzed only if a deposit of $1000 MXN is made with the arbitrator. The deposit will be refunded only if the protest is deemed valid.


Respect and good behavior are crucial for competitors and attending parents at the International Kenpo and Martial Arts Tournament, IKC 2024. Therefore, any inappropriate behavior will be penalized by the tournament authorities.

Cursing and/or using offensive language: $500 MXN for each profanity.
Unauthorized entry into competition areas: $500 MXN for each attempt. The first two attempts will incur a penalty; on the third attempt, the individual will be expelled from the tournament without exception.
Climbing (over or under) barriers to access competition areas: $500 MXN for each attempt.
Arguing with tournament staff, judges, or arbitrators: $1000 MXN for each argument.

What are the dates of the event?

The activities begin on October 31st and conclude on November 2nd.

Can I register on the day of the event?

I see, my apologies for the misunderstanding. The registration deadline is on October 15, 2024.

Do you have more questions?

Contact the event promoter, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Grandmaster Gilbert Velez

Entrenado personalmente con el Senior Gran Maestro Ed Parker durante más de 17 años.Ha impartido seminarios de Kenpo Karate en los Estados Unidos, México, Sudamérica y Europa. Es Co-Fundador y Presidente de “Kenpo International”

Es el único Cinturón Negro que ha recibido certificados de 1º a 9º Dan de la IKKA (Asociación Internacional de Kenpo Karate) de los Grandes Maestros Parker y Leilani Parker.

Fue la primera y única persona en recibir el rango y título de “Maestro de las Artes” con un Certificado de 9º Dan de la IKKA.

Grandmaster Doreen DiReinzo

Es la primera mujer en alcanzar un Cinturón Negro de 10º Dan en Kenpo Americano.

Ha sido dueña de la Academia de Karate Revere durante 43 años.

Fue estudiante personal del difunto Senior Gran Maestro Edmund Parker y del Gran Maestro Gilbert Velez.

Ha sido honrada en el Libro del Viaje y en el Libro Internacional del Viaje.

Es miembro del Salón de la Fama de los Maestros

Grandmaster Dian tanaka

un cinturón negro de Ed Parker de primera generación. Ascendido a Cinturón Negro de 1er Grado en 1978.

Actualmente ostenta el rango de 6º Grado en el Kenpo Karate Americano de Ed Parker.

Actualmente tiene el rango de Cinturón Negro de 9º Grado en Doce Pares Eskrima y fue alumno directo del fundador, SGM Cacoy Canete de Cebú, Filipinas.

Ha impartido seminarios en todo Estados Unidos, Europa, México y Sudamérica.

Ha ganado el 1er lugar en las formas de cinturón negro femenino varias veces en el Campeonato Internacional de Karate en Long Beach, California.

Grandmaster Norman Sandler

Estudiante personal del Gran Maestro Velez desde 1974 hasta la actualidad.

Miembro del Equipo Nacional de Karate de los Estados Unidos de 1977 a 1987.

Medallista en los Juegos Panamericanos y el Festival Olímpico.

Instructor de Artes Marciales con más de 40 años de experiencia.Autor de “

Artes Marciales para Niños: El Camino hacia la Fuerza Interior, la Autoconciencia y un Mundo en Paz”

Grandmaster Paul Dye

Con 50 años de experiencia en la enseñanza de Kenpo Karate, el Sr. Dye ha sido testigo de cómo el sistema ha evolucionado hasta su estado actual. Su deseo es compartir su amplio conocimiento del Kenpo con las generaciones futuras, asegurando que no se olvide.

Su objetivo es demostrar esta evolución a través de la concentración, la destreza atlética y la intensidad inquebrantable, que son sus características distintivas.

Además, el Sr. Dye ha enseñado Kenpo Karate en 8 países y en más de 20 estados de los Estados Unidos.

Grandmaster Zach Whitson

Comenzó el Desarrollo del Método de Entrenamiento Kenpo Counterpoint en 1993.

Obtuvo el rango de Mataas na Guro (Instructor Maestro) en Pekiti Tirsia Kali en 2004.

En 2005, fue ascendido a Profesor Senior 7º Dan en Kenpo Negro por el Gran Maestro Richard Planas.

Fundó el Sistema Táctico Counterpoint (CTS).

En 2015, alcanzó el rango de 8º Dan Negro (Maestro) en Pangamot otorgado por el Supremo Gran Maestro Cacoy Canete.

Completó el 9º Dan Negro (Gran Maestro) en CTS.

Grandmaster Montaser A Nauwar

In Oklahoma, in 1974, I joined Jack Hwang’s taekwondo, and later, I became part of Bill Kagan’s taekwondo self-defense.

Over the past 20 years, I introduced Kenpo in Jordan and Egypt, conducting seminars and classes in Jordan, Egypt, Spain, Portugal, England, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, and Chile.

One of my greatest achievements was organizing the first martial arts charity event in Cairo, Egypt, benefiting the Children’s Cancer Hospital. Additionally, I have been a member of the Kenpo Brotherhood for 6 years, even during the pandemic, by hosting “technique of the week” sessions via Zoom to keep the flame of Kenpo alive.


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Grandmaster Omar Diaz

He began practicing martial arts at the age of 6.

He practiced Judo, Karate, Jiu-Jitsu, among other martial arts.

He was a champion competitor in both sparring and forms.

Now, he is dedicated to his school and the international organization STREET SYSTEM TACTICAL MIXED.

He also conducts seminars in Chile and around the world.»

Grandmaster Frank Vigoroux

After graduating as a Black Belt in Kenpo in Chile, he continued his martial arts career in New York, USA, where he became an instructor.

He opened his first studio in Jersey City, New Jersey, and later expanded his school.

He has been awarded multiple times in various Halls of Fame, including the USA Martial Arts Hall Of Fame.

His most recent recognition was in Spain in February 2019, where he received the title of International Martial Artist from the European Organization Of Martial Arts.